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Volunteer’s Rights

· To receive information, orientation, formation, support, and the material means for the development of their volunteering;

· To be treated without any discrimination, being respected in their rights, dignity, intimancy and beliefs;

· To participate in an active manner in the organizations which there are inserted, collaborating with the elaboration, design, execution and evaluation of programs, according with organizations’ rules;

· To have a special identification as volunteer;

· To perform their volunteer activity under proper security and sanitary conditions.

Development Areas

¨ Education

¨ Health

¨ Micro-Finances

¨ Enviroment

¨ Community Development


¨ Be mayor

¨ To have a medical insurance policy

¨ To discharge any serious diseases

·          Basic knowledge of Spanish

Information of contact


Cuadro de texto: ECUADORIAN AGENCY OF 

Address: Riobamba 430 Y Carlos  Quinto



E mail